Hints to find
38 items in Château
Read this only if you can't find any item for more than 20 minutes
This is definitely not the type of arrow you were looking for in Hanamura
Still life
Just google a couple of pictures to know what to look for.
The problem is not to find, but to get it.
There are two ways to get closer. In fact, only one if you play alone. Something outside the room will help you
Steals life
Something that kills people
Royal hat
What kind of hats do royal people wear?
Braided snake
It looks like a snake, but it is not a snake. It is small and long. Look somewhere near the forbidden fruit
Fake name
You probably found this by accident. Anyway, the Widow uses a fake name for flights
Hidden bridge
I think you have already noticed two paintings with painted bridges. But there is one more