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But first ... Maybe what you found is not a bug
Here are some examples:
My right click doesn't work!
You are probably playing the "Find Items" mode. Right click is used only in "Where Is It?" mode. These are two different games. Check the description!

If your right click doesn't work only after winning - this is normal on some maps.
I can't pick Hanzo in photo zone of Eichenwalde ("Where Is It").
I intentionally removed Hanzo from the list of heroes due to technical reasons.
I found one more nest in the Black Forest! ("Find Items")
There are actually three nests on this map. But you only need to find the nest that is closest to the second "home for bird".

Teleportation doesn't work?

After teleporting into a spawn room, you may lose the ability to teleport again.

This bug appeared in the game after the February 26th patch. I already fixed it and replaced codes for all maps.

If the blue teleporters on the floor do not work in your game, you are probably playing an outdated version of the map with a code from another source.

For any other case
Title of the map where you found the bug
What's the problem?
If you found an item that wasn't on the list, please tell me where it is.
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