Teach the Hamster new phrases
Here you can submit your own lines that Hamster will say in the Dizzy Ball game mode
To keep the game fresh, I would like to keep adding new lines for the Hamster. You can help me with this and suggest your own phrases. These can be reactions to good and bad players, as well as random lines between matches. You can also suggest correcting errors in current lines.

• You can suggest lines completely anonymously or provide your nickname. Maybe Hamster will mention you in the game ;)

• You do not have to specify the conditions for pronouncing the phrase. But you can (although I do not guarantee that such a complex condition can be used).

• Also, note that the phrases should be short or logically divided into several separate lines. Just make sure your lines are shorter than this example:

"This is the maximum length of one line"

• I won't add too offensive or vulgar phrases to prevent this mode from being banned. But that would definitely make the game more fun.

Thank you for helping to increase Hamster's vocabulary!
What should the Hamster say?
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